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Monday7.00AM till 5.00 PM

Tuesday7.00AM till 5.00 PM

Wednesday7.00AM till 5.00 PM

Thursday7.00AM till 5.00 PM

Friday7.00AM till 5.00 PM

Saturday7.00AM till 4.00 PM

Sunday8.00AM till 4.00 PM


Our flagship café is located in the busy neighbourhood of Menai.

Through the café you get an insight about what goes into making the coffee you drink on the daily. 

On the espresso bar sits a beautiful custom pearl white La Marzocco PB, here the team of baristas pump out the RESRERVE blend and the rotating espresso single origin for customers.

For those who are seeking an unparalleled  experience in an abundance of grandeur our café in its entirety provides the locale, food and service  like no other. The menu is comprised of local seasonal ingredients with refined modern twists, taking you on a sensory journey guided by our knowledgeable staff.

If you are after a quick bite, we can provide, perfect for time-conscious customers that are after a high quality and quick lunch. No reservations are required in this area.

Join us in the Café